Wedding anniversary

Wedding anniversary

Birthdays wedding and life together,

Love and romance are still inextricably linked to the fact to offer different types of flowers symbolize different emotions.

The beauty of the flowers and the celebration of love are respondent harmony. While the roses are really the ultimate messengers of love (an ideal way to celebrate a new love or a romantic milestone), during the Victorian era, couples also used of other varieties of flowers freshly cut to send messages between them - each expressing a different sincere emotion. The meaning of these floral messages is perpetuated until today in the idea to commemorate each anniversary of marriage by a floral tribute.

These are the symbols of wedding anniversaries and life together. At Le Fleuriste Le Carrousel, we create your floral arrangement from these themes and significance with love and care.

1 year: marriage of cotton, 2 years: marriage of leather, 3 years: wedding of wheat, 4 years: wedding of wax, 5 years: marriage of wood, 6 years: Cyprus wedding, 7 years: marriage of wool,

8 years: poppy wedding, 9 years: earthenware wedding, 10 years: Tin wedding, 11 years: wedding at coral, 12 years: Silk wedding, 13 years: Lily of the Valley wedding, 14 years: wedding of lead, 15 years: crystal wedding, 16 years: sapphire wedding, 17 years: marriage of rose, 18: turquoise wedding, 19 years: Cretan wedding,.

20 years: wedding of porcelain, 21 years: wedding of Opal, 22 years: marriage of bronze, 23 years: wedding of beryl, 24 years: wedding satin,.

25 years: Silver Anniversary

26 years: wedding of jade, 27 years: wedding of mahogany, 28 years: wedding of nickel, 29 years: velvet wedding,.

30 years: Pearl wedding

31 years: wedding of sheepskin, 32 years: marriage of copper, 33 years: wedding of porphyry, 34 years: wedding of amber, 35 years: marriage of Ruby, age 36: chiffon wedding,.

37 years: marriage of paper, 38 years: wedding of mercury, 39 years: wedding of crepe,.

40 years: wedding anniversary Emerald,.

41 years: wedding of iron, 42 years: wedding of mother-of-Pearl, 43 years: wedding of flannel, 44 years: Topaz wedding, 45 years: wedding of vermeil, 46 years: Lavender wedding,.

47 years: wedding of Kashmir, 48 years: Amethyst wedding, 49 years: wedding of cedar,.

50 years: golden anniversary

51 years: wedding of Camellia, 52 years: wedding of tourmaline, 53 years: wedding at birch, 54 years: wedding of Sable, 55: Orchid wedding, 56 years: marriage of lapis lazuli, 57 years: wedding of azalea, 58 years: Maple wedding, 59 years: marriage of mink,

60 years: diamond wedding

61 years: wedding at Sycamore, 62 years: Ivory wedding, 63 years: marriage of lilac, 64 years: wedding of Astrakhan,.

65: marriage of rosewood

66 years: wedding of jasmine, age 67: wedding of chinchilla, age 68: wedding of granite, 69 years: marriage of larch,

70 years: Platinum wedding

75 years: wedding of Alabaster

80 years: oak wedding


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